The Ultimate Jeep, the 392

Jeep is no stranger to adding in a V8 into there flagship model, but the last time Jeep added a V8 into a production CJ, was 1981. Jeep never offered a Jeep Wrangler with a V8 until the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392. Some say it was an answer to Ford bringing the Bronco back, but in reality, it had been in the works way before Ford even announced the new Bronco.

Jeep owners have been swapping in V8s since the dawn of Jeeps existence. The small block Chevy and Ford swapped Jeeps were the go to for years until the Chevy LS and modern Mopar Hemi came about. We are going to explore 6 of our favorite Jeep 392s.

First up is BOKO_392. 2021 392 with some very tasteful modifications. A Mopar 2in lift helps clear the 37in Nitto Trail Grappler tires. Front and rear Genright Offroad bumpers help the approach and departure angles.

JARNGREIPR has to have one of my favorite colors, Snazzberry. JARNGREIPR built his 392 to conquer not only the rocks, but also the desert. And the limited edition Snazzberry, makes it stand out. It won’t be hard to spot him out on the trail.

You won’t be able to miss AZHydro392 out on the trail either, as he is ready to hit those Arizona trails. 40in Cooper STT-Pros help the 392 grab traction, and in case they aren’t enough, the WARN Evo 10-s will help him get over that obstacle.

Kevin said he would keep it stock, and he didn’t go as crazy as a few of the previous builds did. But Kevin built a great 392 with a Rock Krawler lift, WARN winch, and 38in Nitto’s.

Talk about being able to spot a Jeep out on the trail. MojitoJeep 392 wanted a Mojito Green 392, but there was one problem, Jeep did not offer one. So they decided to make the only Mojito Green 392 out in the wild.

Last, but not least, TROUBLEMAKER. That is a good title because that is exactly what the 392 can do, get you in trouble. But with great parts like the Factor 55 Ultrahook, he can get himself out of any trouble he puts himself in to.

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