OVERKILL LJ – The Story Behind the Feature Build

OVERKILL LJ is no stranger to off-roading and Jeeps, growing up idolizing Big Foot monster truck. He even started working on vehicles when he was 13, doing oil changes and other small jobs around the shop.

After years of modifying trucks with lift kits and lockers to gather firewood in the woods, OVERKILL LJ got increasingly involved with off-roading. Then in the mid-2000s, Jimmy got into the rock bouncer scene. Over the next ten years, he traveled all over, racing his rock bouncer.

Shortly after retiring, he found a Jeep LJ he could not pass up on. It had a basic lift with 33s, but big plans were in store for the LJ. Those plans came sooner than later after a small flock of Turkeys decided it was a good idea to fly into the LJ as OVERKILL LJ was driving home with one of the Turkeys coming through the windshield and started to freak out inside the Jeep.

Soon after settling up with the insurance company, the build started. After getting a new set of axles to put under the Jeep due to the turkeys, a Metalcloak long arm kit was installed. A friend called and asked if there was any way he could borrow his tires for a short bit. This got him thinking, why not just go all in? So he found a super-duty 60, 14 bolt rear, regeared them to 5.38, and got himself a set of 39in BFG KM3s with Raceline Avenger bead locks.

Now that the Jeep was set up to conquer anything, he knew the 4.0 would not cut it. OVERKILL LJ’s wife owns and operates JS Offroad Addict in Seymour, MO. Shortly after being a part of an event at Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch, the 4.0 was pulled out, and a new LS2 6.0 with a Whipple Supercharger was installed. First, of course, they had to ensure it was done and tested as they were headed to Trail Hero and the 2022 Unlimited LJ Adventure. But they got it done, and the rig performed flawlessly all week. 

JS Offroad Addict also participates in the Yukon Takeover event on March 18th. Also, if you are ever wheeling Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch and need parts, OVERKILL LJ and JS Offroad Addict are right next door in Seymour, MO. So give them a call and check out this one, sweet LJ. 

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